Calibration and Measurement

Calibration of devices and measurement sensors


Calibrate and check instruments and sensors (voltmeters, microphones, oscilloscopes, conditioners and pressure gauges...) to constantly obtain accurate results.

To ensure this accuracy, we perform calibration and verification procedures extensively tested by the Department of Metrology-Contamination.

Our facilities

  • Benchmark devices connected to COFRAC
  • An accelerometer bench
  • A temperature bench
  • A pressure bench
  • Thermo-optical gauges



The contamination monitoring is essential during tests period (before - during test - after).


Ensuring compliance with standards of cleanliness in the test areas (clean chambers and the thermal and space simulation chambers).

Our facilities

  • A system of centralized monitoring of clean areas (SUZON)
  • Operation of air-conditioning systems
  • Use of specific clothing
  • Portable monitoring systems
  • An infrared spectrometer
  • Mobile laminar flow tents class 100
  • A microVCM bench (Measurement of outgazing of material under vacuum)


  • Federal Standard 209 E
  • European Space Agency (ESA): ECSS-Q-70-01C

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