Electromagnetic compatibility tests

Electromagnetic compatibility tests


  • Evaluate the capacity of electrical and/or electronic equipment to function properly in a harsh electromagnetic environment.
  • In addition, the goal is not to disturb other equipment of the same system.

Our test facilities

Large-scale environmental testing measures in the adapted in the conditions of 100,000 class:

  • One anechoic chamber Coulomb (16m x 10m x 11m)
  • One anechoic chamber (11m x 8m x 4, 4m)
  • One anechoic chamber Hertz (4, 7m x 3, 6m x 2, 5m)
  • Two Mode-Stirred Reverberation Chambers generating strong fields to test equipment up to 250kg (4, 88m x 3, 66m x 2, 8m; 0,9m x 1,5m x 0,8m)

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