In 2013 Intespace celebrates its 30th anniversary!

30: an age of vitality and energy for humans, almost vintage for a car, an eternity for an ant and next to nothing for a star…
30 years: at times glorious, always fascinating.

Intespace is a company specialised in the environment simulation test domain, operating in the space, aeronautical and defence markets. It is celebrating its 30th anniversary on 21 May 2013 with its customers and partners.




Thirty years of innovation and industrial challenges, thirty years to acquire unique expertise and develop internationally and thirty years to test Man’s dreams in the stars and the most sophisticated systems in test facilities.
30 years of partnerships, 30 years of services, 30 years spent collaborating and inventing. 30 years that the company, established in Toulouse and today a subsidiary of Astrium and Thales Alenia Space, will celebrate with its customers. An occasion to step back and record and an occasion to muse on the next thirty years ahead.
A round table is to be organised on the theme of the evolution of tests in the validation cycle for aerospace products. It will be led by Christian Lardier, who edited the Space section of Air & Cosmos magazine until 2012.
This will be an opportunity to exchange thoughts on two aspects for the future of these test professions:
Innovations in testing, on the one hand, and virtual tests and simulation on the other; another strategic chapter in the test and qualification processes.
Intespace has organised a day centred on friendly interaction and looking towards the future, 2 of the 30 good reasons to participate in this anniversary party, which, in one manner, will also celebrate the French aerospace industries.


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