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The Cheops satellite’s telescope successfully tested at Intespace!

Intespace has successfully carried out the environmental qualification campaign for the Ritchey-Chrétien telescope on the CHEOPS scientific mini-satellite, launched by ESA for a mission to study exoplanets. The tests on the thermal and structural model were entrusted to Intespace by Almatech, in charge of the telescope’s structure.

First of all, the OTA (Optical Telescope Assembly Structure) instrument underwent outgassing tests to analyze the risk of molecular contamination by organic materials. This test was carried out in the 3m3 thermal vacuum chamber equipped for the occasion with TQCM (Thermoelectric Quartz Crystal Molecular) contamination indicators. This was followed by mechanical tests to validate the behavior of the equipment in launch conditions. For this, the instrument was tested along its three axes, on the 160 kN exciter for the vibration tests, and on the pyrotechnical impact machine (hammer) in an extremely rigorous clean environment, classified ISO 5.


In Toulouse, the thermal vacuum chamber for tomorrow’s large space equipment is already in service

A few months ago, Intespace opened a facility that is unique in Europe and which will be able to simulate the environment of space systems and sub-systems in extreme temperature conditions.

This new chamber is the Simles auxiliary chamber which can simulate temperatures ranging from 100K to 440K at a pressure of less than 10-5 mbar. It measures 5m in length and 4.70m in diameter, offering modular, flexible operation: it can accommodate all types of equipment with no specific development being required.
For example, it can be used to test two large satellite antennas at the same time. The Simles auxiliary chamber saves time, owing to its rapid cycling, and is efficient in terms of operating costs. It is the ideal answer to current qualification requirements for future European space missions such as Solar Orbiter, Euclid and so on.


Intespace Mechanical testing skills: an asset for the certification of the Leap-1B developped by Techspace Aero (Safran Group)

Intespace has been chosen by Techspace Aero to perform the certification campaign on the Leap-1B engine Oil Tank according the DO 160.
This Oil Tank will be integrated into the engine engineered by CFMI (company 50/50 General Electric and Snecma) which will fly for the first time on board the Boeing 737 MAX in 2017.
This equipment is a variation of the Oil Tank also designed by Techspace Aero for the engine version of LEAP (1A et 1C) which will be integrated on the Airbus A320 Neo and Comac C919.


Airbus A350 XWB, a pilot project for Intespace

At the heart of a successful major industrial project such as the A350 XWB, the latest addition to the Airbus family, there are also smaller and more discreet partners, but who are nonetheless heavily involved in the “birth” of this first composite aircraft built by the European manufacturer.

This is the case with Intespace and its partner DGA-Techniques aéronautiques, companies specialising in environment simulation testing and located in Toulouse, the traditional home of Airbus. For Intespace, over and above the 5 fascinating years of intense work on the future aircraft, this collaboration is also proof of the efficiency of its overall range of services.


Launch of DynaWorks®7 the latest version of DynaWorks®, the only test software designed by a tests specialist

Three years of development came to an end with the latest beta tests by the Intespace customers: DynaWorks® version 7 is now available. This innovative and accessible solution was to a large extent driven by its customers and users.
DynaWorks® was designed by Intespace, the European leader in industrial testing, and has already enjoyed a successful history: this software – born in the south-east of France – has been chosen by the leading industrial players in Europe and worldwide, to manage their strategic tests: Airbus, EDF, ESA, General Electric, Nasa, Rolls-Royce, Safran, Schneider Electric, Thales, etc.


MyTest, an application designed with Airbus by Intespace to manage A350 XWB static test data.

While the Paris Air Show at Le Bourget finished on a real commercial success for the A350 XWB, static tests on the plane’s structure are continuing under the leadership of Intespace, the specialist company in the field of environmental tests, together with its partner DGA-TA.

Within the scope of this campaign, Intespace has also been chosen to produce the new application which now manages instrumentation and monitoring for tests: MyTest.



In 2013 Intespace celebrates its 30th anniversary!

30: an age of vitality and energy for humans, almost vintage for a car, an eternity for an ant and next to nothing for a star…
30 years: at times glorious, always fascinating.

Intespace is a company specialised in the environment simulation test domain, operating in the space, aeronautical and defence markets. It is celebrating its 30th anniversary on 21 May 2013 with its customers and partners.




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