Interview of Mukhtar Almukhanov, Head of the Kazak testing division

Mukhtar AlmukhanovWe spoke with Mr. Mukhtar Almukhanov, Head of the Kazak testing division, to get his views on the six month training program completed in November 2013.

Did this training program meet your expectations?

Firstly, I would like to stress the vast amount of work done by Intespace and Ghalam prior to the training, in order to carefully prepare our program right down to the very last detail. This is one reason the training has been so successful. Having said this, I personally participated in different training components, and I communicated extensively with my team throughout the entire process. I also completed a weekly progress report for my management, which in turn gave feedback. So, in answer to your question, yes, this program definitely satisfied our requirements.

What made the biggest impression on you?

I was most struck by how little room for error there is when you are working with such complex, expensive equipment as satellites. Responsibilities and work items must be very clearly, precisely defined. And, if by chance, the schedule requires us to speed up the process, it is absolutely essential not to do things in a hurry!

Do you think that you will be fully operational when you get back to the test center in Astana?

I am confident that after completing this program which is both theoretical and hands-on, after having worked with Intespace specialists, and on the Toulouse center resources, we have acquired the knowledge and expertise needed to be operational. Now, we still need to be trained in our Astana test center specific means.

Do you have one last remark about how the training center operates?

Yes, there is one thing that we did with Pierre, Head of Training, which seems crucial in terms of why the training was so successful. Right from the start, we organized our communication process such that all of our comments or questions were systematically taken into consideration, addressed and integrated into the program.

Can you sum up Intespace in one word?

Highly professional.







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