Data Management Solutions

High level product for collaborative work

First class solution for collaborative operations.

Intespace DynaWorks Data Management, First class solution for collaborative operationsDynaWorks® Data Management is dedicated to organizations which need to deal with the entire product life cycle, from early design to maintenance, repair and operations.

DynaWorks® Data Management provides ability to share authorized information between various departments of the organization and with partners, subcontractors and customers. The solution is able to manage large amount of data on any IT architecture with optimized use of communication bandwidth.

It is designed to support large number of connections, physical users or external application, while maintaining high security requirements and data access time performance.


  • Astrium Space transportation, ESA: Management, processing of telemetry data in a collaborative environment for Ariane & ATV programs
  • Astrium Space transportation: Management of flight and test data for Ariane and french missile programs, all data on line for collaborative post-processing
  • Europrop International, MTU and ITP, Rolls-Royce, Snecma Moteurs: Collaborative tool for Airbus A400M engine test data management
  • Snecma moteurs: Management of test data, more than 20 years of test data available on line
  • Airbus: Instrumentation management and real-time monitoring for Airbus 350 static tests

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