Why DynaWorks®?

Making Testing Easier and more Productive

Managing your data flow

Beyond monitoring the physical behaviours of units under test, DynaWorks® provides an "intuitive understanding" of the measurements including, testing condition and configuration information, such as facility set-up, instrumentation and multimedia files.

DynaWorks®, the enterprise technical data vault, organizes the information of the entire test process wherever the data is coming from, improving traceability, global efficiency and helping you in building better informed decisions for test-based engineering.

Visualizing and analyzing

With DynaWorks®, it is easy to interpret large amounts of data that are generated during multichannel tests. Display classical 2D time history or processed data, complex 3D diagram visualization, are just some of the tasks that DynaWorks® can perform to support the analysis process.


DynaWorks® helps creating high quality reports that reflect the true value of your work. Putting together traces, 3D views, texts and images. The report complies with the corporate standard using predefined templates and documentation databases.

DynaWorks® also supports dynamic reporting design to publish the analysed data so other users may manipulate data. Stored in the database, and linked to the test campaign, the report is available, any time, online by authorized users. It can be delivered to the customer in electronic format like Word or PDF.

Delivering and sharing

Extend the impact of the collected data by sharing with colleagues, sub-contractors, vendors, customers or partners is one of the key success for engineering and test teams.

DynaWorks® provides a new class of collaborative applications developed to share engineering data. Using secure internet connections, authorized users can access needed data; interact with onsite engineers without travelling to the test facility. This substantially reduces cost and delay in decisions making.

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