DynaWorks® and the clients

The requirement

Today the stakes of companies are to reduce costs, to streamline operations, to increase productivity and quality of their products by eliminating a variety of problems.

Are you facing these issues?

  • Data Transfer between multiple software applications interrupts the test process
  • Projects are delayed waiting for test review decisions
  • Processes need to be streamlined
  • Data is lost during test campaigns
  • Test Report generation is too time consuming
  • Design, test and maintenance departments struggle to collaborate on test data
  • Customer access to test data is limited or non existent
  • Cost reduction
  • Productivity enhancement

In this context, the key is at the sharing and exchange of data. It naturally drives to develop a technical information system in which the tasks' processes of their business are maintained and which allows direct access to multi-task data.

To respond to its customers' requirements Intespace proposes DynaWorks®

DynaWorks® addresses the unique requirements of the testing business. It combines, in a single software package:

  • Data management capabilities
  • Advanced visualization functions
  • Fields oriented processing toolboxes
  • Automated report generation
  • Secured data sharing with a direct access to co-workers, partners and customers.

DynaWorks ® adaptive user interface provides process oriented straight forward applications for the operators and a powerful flexible toolset for experts. Even a novice can be productive within a couple of hours.

Do you need to customize DynaWorks® extend the capabilities or embed external processes? DynaWorks® allows you to develop your own automated routines and interfaces or plug the existing applications to the DynaWorks® data engine.

DynaWorks® is continually improved and updated to guarantee customer success.

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