Launchers and Vehicles

DynaWorks® followed the Ariane adventure and became a reference tool for processing flight data for each launch.

Apart from the Ariane project, DynaWorks® has been used for the ATV project to store all data acquired during its first flight.

Application to Ariane 5 and Vega

In this case, DynaWorks® is used for management and analysis of flight data.

DynaWorks Application to Ariane 5 :  management and analysis of flight data.For each Ariane5 flight all TM  data delivered by the telemetry are recorded in a DynaWorks® database for further mission analysis.

After the mission, all data are transferred to the various suppliers for flight analysis and report.


  • Management of all flight parameters of Ariane 5 (functionalalong with environmental data)
  • Analysis of the whole flight
  • Comparison with the ground tests, the simulations and previous launches
  • Direct access by industrial partners
  • Multi skill environment

Application to the ATV program

DynaWorks® acts as:

  • Database,
  • Signal,
  • Displays,
  • Publication of the report and Automation


  • Collection and storage of data from the ATV and the ISS and experts
  • Tools for IS planning (CNES site in Toulouse) on site and off site
  • Extraction and troubleshooting parameters calibration TM

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