Integrated solution

Intespace is a strategic business partner, providing a full range of engineering test services to leading organizations around the world. We specialize in all phases of test from concept and engineering, to execution and analysis.

Our rich history includes a wide range of expertise in facilities engineering, test execution, and a suite of dedicated software tools for analysis and data management. These core competencies give to Intespace a clear strategic position in the testing services industry. Our business partners come from a wide range of defense and commercial industries.

Our success comes not just from our technical expertise, but from close cooperation with our customers, understanding their goals and delivering services on time and on budget. As an expert and innovator in this market, Intespace provides its partners with a competitive edge.

Design Phase

  • Definition of equipment environment specification and design requirements
  • Support to product design
  • Design of qualification test facilities
  • Simulation
  • Process integration
  • Model data management and model validation

Test Engineering Phase

  • Test methods studies
  • Detailed comprehensive test plan preparation
  • Test prediction, test specification, virtual testing
  • Development of dedicated test facilities
  • Development of dedicated applications for product data analysis and validation

Testing Phase

  • Overall test campaign management
  • Overall test process & industrial organisation optimisation
  • Operation of test facilities, of test centres
  • Support to result analysis
  • Teletesting

Data processing and management Phase

  • Overall management of test data
  • Automated or interactive test data processing
  • Development of skill-based dedicated applications
  • Analysis and sharing of data between organizations and functional teams

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